Kitchen project completed, bedroom project underway

I’m really happy today because the kitchen is finally finished. The carpenter finished yesterday, everything is installed now, the over the range microwave and cooker look amazing and work perfectly, and all the other little appliances and bits and pieces that we had delivered are now in place.

All the nice little extras like mugs and a wine rack are also in place and it is looking lovely and really different. The new cabinet doors and handles have transformed the look of the kitchen, making it look much more modern than it did before. So we are both really delighted with it and now it’s all cleaned up and finished it does look really really good.

And that’s great because I know I’ve been fixating on it a bit, and I have to say that the way I fixated on studying to get the over the range microwave was a bit weird. The range cooker I chose really quickly, but I obsessed over the buying of that microwave too much.

Which means that tomorrow I will be starting with the upstairs painting project. My family think I have gone a bit crazy doing all this so quickly, but the way I’m looking at it is I have to strike while the iron is hot and trying get as much done as possible so that I can have more time to myself more time to my family and my job. I know from the past how easy it is the projects to drag out to the point that you get used to things being half finished and end up just ignoring them for years. You know what I mean, you have been to people’s houses where rooms are half painted and have been for years, just because they have got so used to seeing it that it’s no longer an issue for them.

So it’s a really upbeat time for me. I know in life you can never say that things are going to be good, but at the moment things are really good things are falling into place, long may that continue, and I’m hoping to update you with good progress on my painting project upstairs in my next blog post.

Looking at my next project after the kitchen

The kitchen is almost done, everything is starting to fall into place, the range cooker is being put in after cutting back the worktops and edging them off, and the over the range microwave has been fitted into the existing cupboard space above, by making a box in it. It looks really good and I’m really pleased that it’s all finally coming together.

Which means while I’m waiting for last bits be finished off in the kitchen, so I can get in there and clean and then put all the little bits and pieces in place, I can focus my thoughts on the next project, which is getting the bedrooms painted. We have been living in this house for 10 years and we haven’t painted since the first year we got here, so it’s starting to look a bit tired and needs to be done. I’m hoping if we bite the bullet and get it done now they will not have to be done for another 10 years.

I’m going to do it myself, I’m going to take a week off work and blitz the entire upstairs in one go. My husband said he’ll help in the evenings, but I reckon if we get everything cleared out of the rooms, or put in the centre of the room with sheets over all of it then I can blitz those rooms quite quickly. I reckon I can do all the ceilings in one day, first coat of paint day two, second coat of paint stay three and then day four and five white work on the wood. Then after that a leisurely day tidying up and putting everything back. That’s a week.

In terms of sleeping arrangements we have a dining room and a sofa bed in the living room. So I think we can put the kids in the dining room and sleep on the sofa bed in the living room ourselves, for a few nights which will be absolutely fine and I’m sure the kids will actually love it.

Right I must get on, and in the spirit of shallow consumerism, I’m now going to go and put something in my new over the range microwave and turn on my new range cooker and cooked leave the family, I’m really excited about it, it’s amazing the difference things that make your life.

Progress is being made in the kitchen

Good news, progress is being made in the kitchen finally. I have now finally decided on the best over the range microwave in my opinion, based on a ludicrous amount of research which I’m actually a little embarrassed about.

The over the range microwave, our new cooker and a couple of other things which can be fitted into the kitchen are on the way now and they should be delivered within the next couple of days.

I’ve also decided on the new kitchen cabinet doors I want and handles, and they are now also on order from an online store.

So basically I’m going to have quite a few deliveries. Because there were also a few other fixtures and fittings and other bits and pieces, new things to hang on the walls, new mugs, quite a lot of change going on in the kitchen, that all our coming from Internet shopping.

Which means I’m taking tomorrow off so that I can sit in and wait for a few things, and I’m also going to have to take couple of trips to the post office to pick up the parcels I miss I reckon.

I suppose it’s a bit sad, but I am quite excited about all this new stuff arriving, I know that is shallow and materialistic. Especially the over the range microwave and a new cooker, I’ve only seen them online in pictures and read reviews about them, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what they actually look like and finally getting to use them.

Of course I’m a little sceptical about them being delivered on time, the amount of times I have sat in waiting to for deliveries and they haven’t turned up, and when you ring the delivery driver there is no answer, and when you ring the help desk there is no answer or they don’t know what’s going on, is unbelievable.

But I’m going to end this blog post on a positive note and say just maybe everything will arrive on time, unbroken and look exactly how I want it, and then the carpenter can get on and start getting all the big things installed so I can get on with making it look nice.

Obsessed with hunting for the best over the range microwave oven

I have to admit that this is a slightly embarrassing blog post. After my last one, which I thought was quite deep, reflective, honest and something I’d really wanted to write for a long time, I feel I’m letting people down who read that by writing what about to write.

Basically we are having some work done in the kitchen and it’s being reconfigured by a carpenter. One of the things I really want is an over the range microwave oven. This is basically a microwave that sits above the cooker, either on brackets, but in our case fitted into existing cupboard space.

So it doesn’t have to be an over the range microwave in the sense of being over a range cooker, it just means above whatever type of cooker you have got. Although we are thinking about having a range cooker put in as well. This just part of a range of changes we are making to our kitchen, in terms of the look and the appliances we have integrated.

And I been obsessing about it. I’ve been reading over the range microwave reviews and plotting out the pluses and minuses on a spreadsheet. I’ve been obsessing over which one would look best, printing them out. We are only spending a few hundred on it, and I’m not sure why am making such a big meal out of choosing which microwave to order.

I wonder if it’s part of what I wrote about my last blog post. I do feel at a crossroads in life and perhaps I’m just agonising over decisions because I feel that the decisions I make right now could affect me the years to come. I know that an over the range microwave purchase is not a major decision, but whatever I buy and have fitted into my kitchen will be there maybe for 10 years, which means the choice I make now will haunt me for a long time if I get it wrong.

But anyway, the decision has to be made because the carpenter wants to get on with it all, so in the next couple of days I’m definitely going to come to a final decision and get it ordered. Hopefully, I’ll be able to update you on my next blog post with some progress on what should be a minor issue.

Every journey starts with a first step

When I was younger I got really attached to a boyfriend. I was in love and infatuated and we spent an amazing first year together. Then through mental health issues it went downhill as a relationship incredibly fast. And before I could really comprehend what was going on he had pushed me away and despite a few minor attempts to sort things out we never recovered.

Although it was a short relationship, my feelings for him and the intensity of the relationship left me in a bad way for several years. It wasn’t until I met my now husband that I realised that there was something better on offer.

And I think that’s what made me realise that life is about different journeys, not a single journey. When I split up with that boyfriend I thought my journey was over. But it wasn’t until I learnt through meeting my husband that a new and better journey was about to begin that I could fully let go of my past.

I know that sounds really deep, but I think it’s an important thing I have learnt and if somebody else out there can learn from it then hopefully it will help them.

I am now on another journey. I’m happy with my home life and my husband, but I’m not particularly happy with my job and to be honest my friends circle or social life. I think I need to find its new people to have in my life socially and I’m perhaps looking at doing something physical to blow away the cobwebs and keep old age at bay.

So I think this blog is really about me exploring how I feel right now. I apologise if he doesn’t make much sense to anybody reading it, but the point is this is me discussing my inner thoughts and anonymously so that I can clarify my feelings and take that first step. But just maybe, if you are also at the end of one journey and about to start another in life, you will find some of what I write in this blog useful.